Chicago Marketing Thoughts

Chicago PosterWarm weather has finally arrived in Chicago! So to celebrate here  is another round of marketing thoughts from around town.

Topics covered this time around include: small business tips for surveying customers, states of grief experienced by companies adopting social media, signs of a great word of mouth topic, and reasons why online video is great for increasing your site’s conversion rates.  Enjoy!

  • Amber Naslund at Brass Tack Thinking details how businesses adopting Social Media go through stages closely resembling the traditional stages of grief experienced in people’s personal lives during times of loss.
  • Marcel Media makes a great case for why online video is one of the most powerful marketing tools for increasing your site’s conversion rate.

So who around town do you like to follow?

What marketing thought leaders do you repeatedly learn from?

Drop me a line in the comments so I can include their work in the future.