How to Find Your Top Viewed Pages in Google Analytics

Visitors come to your website to consume your content every day.

But which pages are they viewing?

Where are they spending time on your site?


Where can I find my top viewed pages?

Here is the Google Analytics menu path where you can see the top pages viewed on your website:

  • Behavior > Site Content > All pages


This report tells you the most popular content viewed on your website.


Google Analytics Top Content Reports


The first column in the report, “Page,” shows the Request URI of your pages. Request URI is Google’s term for the part of your website URL after the “.com.”

For example, the About page on your website ( will be listed as “/about“.

If you ever see just a backslash “ / ” that is your website’s Home Page (


Why is it important to know my top viewed pages?

People visit your website every day (hopefully!). They are usually researching a topic (informational visit) or deciding whether or not they want to buy your product or service (transactional visit).

Knowing which pages on your site people are visiting will give you an indication of where people are in their Customer Journey (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action).

And you might also get some insight on the types of questions they want to answer and the problems they are trying to solve.


Two Types of Pages

Most business websites have two types of pages:

  1. Content pages
  2. Money pages.


Content Pages

Content pages are used to inform visitors about topics they are interested in. Visitors usually look at these pages when they are doing research. Well-crafted content pages answer visitors top questions and can rank well in Organic Search engines.

People who visit these content pages are usually in the Awareness stage of their journey. They have a question that needs answered and your content provides an answer.


Money Pages

Money pages are used to sell your product or service. Visitors who look at these pages are usually further along their Customer Journey and are trying to decide if they want to buy from you or your company.

Examples of money pages are:

  • Product pages
  • Service pages
  • Portfolio pages


How do I find my top viewed pages in Google Analytics?

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