Continuous Optimization

Get more website conversions with constant incremental improvements.

We can use qualitative and quantitative research to identify opportunities to optimize your marketing and website performance.

The research will be used to identify and prioritize optimization testing hypotheses to be tested on your website.

How I can help you ...

Heuristic Analysis – This is an experience-based qualitative evaluation of all website sections in order to determine the following:

  • Relevancy – How relevant is the content on each page?
  • Clarity – Does page content clearly communicate the desired message?
  • Motivation – Does the page provide motivation for a visitor to take the next step in the reward redemption process? 
  • Friction – Are there page elements that make it difficult for a visitor to complete a task?
  • Distraction – Are there page elements that draw attention away from visitors’ desired action?


Digital Analytics  (Google Analytics)

  • Where are the leaks in the website?
  • Which segments are important?
  • What are visitors doing on the site?


Mouse Tracking 

  • Where do visitors click?
  • How far do visitors scroll?
  • Are there performance differences between devices?
  • Review visitor behavior with User Session recordings

Research Process

Heuristic Analysis

Website Data Analysis

Mouse Tracking Data Analysis

Optimization Steps

Google Analytics search result on a smartphone


Man reviewing analytics report


Google Analytics Dashboard


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