Google Analytics Audit

Your Google Analytics may be giving you bad data.

Let’s make sure that is not happening.

Before we can use your Google Analytics data to make marketing decisions, we have to verify that your analytics implementation is correct. 

My GA audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your current analytics implementation. The focus is on ensuring data quality, reliability, and completeness.

If the data is garbage, then your analysis insights will be too. That’s bad for your business.

One of the main objectives of the audit is to provide you with “peace of mind” as it relates to data quality.

The questions we want to answer with the audit:

  • Is Google Analytics configured correctly?
  • Is your data accurate?
  • Are you collecting all the information you need

How I can help you ...

The first step in the Google Analytics process is to create a Digital Marketing and Measurement Model.  This helps us understand what your business wants to measure and how we will evaluate the success or failure of your marketing and website performance.

DMM 5-Step Process

Identify Business Objectives

Identify Goals for each Objective

Identify Key Performance Indicators

Identify Targets for each Goal

Identify Valuable Segments for Analysis

DMM 3 Key Areas

Google Analytics search result on a smartphone


Man reviewing analytics report


Google Analytics Dashboard


Once the Digital Marketing and Measurement Plan has been created I will perform the Google Analytics Audit with the following goals:

  • Make sure that we have the tracking in place to measure all the necessary metrics identified in the Digital Marketing and Measurement Plan
  • Make sure Google Analytics is set up correctly to give us the most accurate data possible (we want to avoid the Garbage IN / Garbage OUT phenomenon).

Google Analytics Audit

Code Implementation

Is your Google Analytics correctly set up to measure activity on your entire website?

Subdomain and Cross Domain Tracking

Are all of your web properties being tracked correctly in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics Interface Configuration

Are your GA Accounts, Properties, and Views configured so you can easily get the data insights you need?

Cleaning Your Data

Filtering out employees/agency traffic, Spam, Consolidating Fragmented Data.

Ready to give your Google Analytics
a health check?

Let’s make sure your setup is in tip top shape!