Reporting & Analysis

Do you know what to measure and how often?

Do you know what your data means and what actions to take next?

Measure What Matters

To grow your business we need to do regular reporting and analysis to determine how your website and marketing are performing.


At a high level we want to do the following:

  • Collect data and present it in a simple and meaningful manner
  • Translate the data into answers to your top business questions
  • Provide prioritized data-driven action steps

How I can help you ...

We will use elements from our Digital Marketing Measurement Model work to determine the following :

  • The key metrics to report on (less is better)
  • The key segments most important to your business
  • Success standards (targets for each metric, YoY increases, etc.)
  • How often to do reporting (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  • Final report format (Data Studio, Spreadsheet, PPT, etc.)

Data Reporting Process

Identify Key Metrics to Report

Identify Valuable Segments for Analysis

Determine Success Targets for each metric

Determine how often to Report on Metrics

Determine Final Report Format

The Three Pillars of Reporting and Analysis

Google Analytics search result on a smartphone


Man reviewing analytics report


Google Analytics Dashboard


All of your reporting and analysis should revolve around these areas:


  • ACQUISITION – How do visitors find your website?


  • BEHAVIOR – Where do visitors enter your website? What pages do they view the most? How do they move around your website? 


  • OUTCOMES – What actions do people take? What macro/micro conversions do visitors cofmplete that are important to your business?

Take Action

People often look at their data trends (the ups and downs) and react (the smiles and frowns), but don’t take action.


Don’t let that be you.


Measure what matters and take action on our findings!

Ready to do better
Reporting and Analysis?

I want to help turn your Google Analytics data into business insights.